Digital Trust for your precious Collections

Eclesia provides a digital home for your collectibles and a trusted solution for the sophisticated collector.

Your data is yours and yours only! Eclesia provides you with the tools to digitally claim the ownership of your collectibles and to manage your collections in the most secure and independent way.

  • Digitally manage and preserve your collection.

  • Claim the digital ownership of your precious items.

  • Interact and share with your trusted network of collectors.

  • Buy and sell collectibles for recommended and fair prices.

  • Guard the worldwide heritage of your collection.

Eclesia stands for the freedom and transparency the demanding collector was always looking for!

We combine for you the best of the Cloud with the best the Network can provide, to deliver you the most secure, fairest and fastest Data-Trust-System available.

No need to trust anybody! Your data will be stored based on an intelligent and modern combination of Hedera Hashgraph and the Swisscom Cloud, alongside your proof of ownership and the history of your collectibles. While you keep safe cryptographically secured, non-fungible tokens of your digital assets.

You don’t even have to rely on us to keep your data safe. We will do everything in our power to deliver you these next generation trust services. But even should we as a company fail to be around for ever, your proof of ownership is save as part of the decentralised network itself. This is the beauty that Hedera brings to the mix.

However, having such a trust system is one thing, but why should it stop there? Sure, our job is to enable you and your community of collectors to digitally preserve your collection, proof your claims, share information and communicate in the most safe way the internet has to offer today.

But there is more!

Eclesia is a decentraliSed marketplace built on the concept of a Radical Market.

Based on modern distributed ledger technology (DLT), trusted consensus and a next generation Web 3.0 platform we provide you with the tools you need to expand your collections and know and guard the value of your precious items.

What is a radical market? You may ask. Find it out yourself! Become a part of the fast growing Eclesia community. The Collectors World is happy to Welcome you!

If you like to learn more about the concept of Radical Markets and Eclesia itself, our Chef Tech had the honour to be interviews by Paul Madson from Hedera in the Gossip about Gossip podcast #34

Important Update: A great milestone is reached! On September 16th Hedera Hashgraph launched and opened access to the beta version of its public distributed ledger network! #HelloFuture Hedera Hashgraph!